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Takashi Miike...

Okay, enough of these favorite/worst movies threads. There is a filmmaker working today that all of you need to seriously check out. I've tried repeatedly on this site to get people to realize him, but I'm not doing so well. So far I've only ever received one email regarding Miike in my [url=]Recommendations section[/url].

Well, now's your chance to see the trailers for his two newest films in 2003. Yes, two films. You see, Takashi Miike could be the most prolific filmmaker working today. He makes around 4 films a year. And if you think foreign Japanese cinema can't get any weirder, you're sadly mistaken.

Miike's films are riddled with images you have never before seen. Girls who can shoot darts out of their vaginas... Prostitutes drowing in their own shit... a fight scene between two Chicken Cocks directed like a Matrix scene... the opening title card of "Ichi The Killer" being written in a recently expelled cum puddle.

Heard enough?

No you haven't.

Check out this link:


Then check out my [url=]Takashi Miike page[/url] on this very site!