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Survivor Monologue

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Hi everyone,

I am in speech and I fell in love with chuck's fight club last year, so I tried to dramatically interpret it and won state the championships. Over the summer I read survivor and something told me (gut instinct) that Survivor would be my next script! The rules of a Dramatic interp. are basically that its got to be shorter than 10 minutes, got to be cut from a book and it's pretty much a monologue.

here is a fine example of a dramatic piece:

Basically you have to cut out sections of the book and perform the monologue- it cant stray away from the plot or point of the book.

Could you give some examples of themes to focus on and maybe even an outline of the interp. (like what should the intro, body, climax and solution focus on) (by the way bringing up societal dilemmas like racism make it farther in tournaments)? Could you also specify what I should include plot-wise? There is just so much and so many characters- I need to cut a lot of it down to keep it in a 10 minute time-frame.

I was considering Free Will. Tender's life is first controlled by the limits of religion and later on Fertility's ability to see into the future controls his free will. No such thing as free will? If you agree with me, can you answer some of the questions I asked before-(outline, Cutting)?

I cant wait to hear what you guys think! Thanks in advanced! I REALLY appreciate your help!