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SUPER 8 (probably spoilers)

so i liked it, didn't love it. i like the throwback to 80's movies like the goonies (and the kids were all good) the 80's nerd in me enjoyed looking at the packaging of fireworks, cereal, candy and the old 7/11 sign. but i felt like it really tried to force emotion on me that i didn't feel, like it tried to hard. at the end with his necklace and he let it go and the music was swelling i was like, but that's special to him and there's no reason he should just let that go for some aliens ship and why would that help him get energy for his ship anyway? it contained no electricity. anyway, i felt it dragged in a few places and i kept wanting to see more monster, which is the point i guess and i liked the last 30 minutes for that reason however i was still hoping to see some more monster/alien. i love j.j. Abrams directing that was all very good and it was a good idea i just think he could have done a better job. so i give it 3 stars out of five. anyone? anyone?