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Suggestions for novels about modern warfare

Hey there, I've been working on a novel for several years now (I'm 18, and I started it when I was in fifth grade). It involves a war taking place in the future and basically follows two different stories; one character who's involved with a political conspiracy revolving around the war, and another who's actually a soldier fighting in said war. I've always had a harder time writing the soldier's story, quite simply because I don't know that much about how real soldiers act in real combat situations. A large part of this is certainly research, but that alone isn't really enough. I was just wondering if anyone knows of any novles that depict modern warfare and some of its going-ons. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Military sci-fi's will work also, though I'd like to avoid too much sci-fi since my story takes place in the future and I'd rather not risk being influenced by other's work. I'm really going for a unique and (to the best of my ability) realistic portrayal of the future.


Thanks guys!