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The Streets

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I no longer hate all rap. I love these guys. For those who havent heard them: imagine the guys from [i]Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels[/i] or [i]Snatch[i] rapping with their accents. "Pure Garage" sound more like "Pure gairage" Anyone else into these guys? I am so glad for college radio. Mainstream stations will only play one white rapper, fuckin promoters of redundancy and incompetence. :D


"Eh hello. My names Tim and I’m a criminal,
In the eyes of society I need to be in jail
For the choice of herbs I inhale.
This ain’t no wholesale operation
Just a few eighths and some Playstations my vocation
I pose a threat to the nation
And down the station the police hold no patients
Let’s talk space and time
I like to get deep sometimes and think about Einstein
And Carl Jung And old Kung Fu movies I like to see
Pass the hydrator please
Yeah I’m floating on thin air.
Going to Amsterdam in the New Year – top gear there
Cause I taker pride in my hobby
Home made bongs using my engineering degree
Dear Leaders, please legalise weed for these reasons."