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Stranger Will - Book Club May '11


After a good, long run, we have decided to close our forums in an effort to refocus attention to other sections of the site. Fortunately for you all, we're living in a time where discussion of a favorite topic now has a lot of homes. So we encourage you all to bring your ravenous love for discussion to Chuck's official Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram. And, as always, you can still post comments on all News updates. Thank you for your loyalty and passion over the years. These changes will happen June 1.

May's Book Club book is Stranger Will by Caleb J. Ross. He's a fellow cultie. He's also a member of our sister site The Velvet.

Caleb has been a member here for a while. People have been talking about him. The guy can write. So he deserves all the attention he's been getting with this book.

I started reading Stranger Will a few days ago and I'm loving it. The style is surprising me. It's not what I was expecting at all.

I'm really excited about this discussion. I'm really hoping it will be a good one.

Brandon Tietz will be our discussion leader.

To William Lowson, impending fatherhood means an impending stain. His work as a Human Remains Removal Specialist, professionally cleaning the stains left from dead bodies, fuels this belief. His friend and mentor Mrs. Rose, an elementary school principal, nurtures and sympathizes with his cynicism, blaming his dilemma on an imperfect world. But she has a plan around this impediment: a group of strangers—a devout collection of kindred minds who have dedicated their lives to cultivating a unique idea of perfection, and she wants William to join. But once he is in can he get out?

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Get to reading!