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The Strange

I'm always looking for interesting new music. I have a very short attention span and I tend to get bored with things rather quickly. I was hoping that some of you could recommend a few bands that don't sound like anything else. Does anyone here like weird music? What are a few of the weirdest bands you've heard?

P.S. I'm up to my eyeballs in experimental music so if it wouldn't give Stephen Stapleton a boner I'm probably not interested in that.

Here are a few bands that I think are interesting:

geza x
picky picnic
the science group
california dolls
they might be giants
the polysics
little fyodor
secret chiefs 3
bob drake
bonzo dog band
frank sidebottom
we are the arm
ghengis tron
modified toy orchestra
the residents
sexton ming
dan deacon
nurse with wound
melt banana