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STRAND re-cap

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Hi all. I just got home from an eventful day, and decided to re-cap today's event. Hope all who went had a great time, and those who missed it, here's a re-cap of some of the best highlights from the intimate afternoon...

After some craziness forming a line, after getting our tickets in the front of the store, we were escorted (10 at a time) into the rare book room where we could meet Chuck, take pics, and have him sign anything we put in front of him. The man never ceases to amaze me with his generosity. The "10-at-a-time" grouping allowed for a really casual conversational atmosphere.

Around 2 PM the casual meet-n-greet ended and the other 125 people were brought in to their seats and the event was under way. Chuck brought along a friend and fellow author Diana Abu-Jabar, who read a brief chapter before turning the stage over to Chuck. Chuck began with thanks and compliments to the bookstore and to fans, and thanked all those who have written to him this past winter. He began reading some excerpts from fan letters, while interspersing his reading with trivia and questions, both for which he gave copies of "Obscene Interiors" and two cd's of his audio recording Dirty Stories. This back-and-forth approach to reading and questions continued throughout him telling the "Heating Pad Story" and reading the unpublished short story "Cold Calling". The crowd responded greatly, both shocked and excited.

Chuck continued the questions and trivia and read a few more letters. He then surprised us all and did something he said he's never done yet. He read Chapter 14 from his upcoming novel [I]SNUFF[/I]. We were ecstatic!! He hinted that the book will focus around a porn star Cassie Wright (sp?) and her quest to beat the world's record for having had sex and performed sexual acts with the most men ever in the world's largest gang bang film. In her quest, there is a sort of cattle call for 600 able-bodied men to take part in adding up the numbers in Cassie's film. The book will focus around three men who meet in the green room awaiting their number to be called for the gang bang film. Cassie became pregnant during the first film she did, and gave a baby up for adoption. A baby she never saw, but plans to leave the porn money to as an apology. Turns out, one of the men in the green room might be the son. In chapter 14 he writes of how the son orders a realistic sex toy doll of Cassie, at the time not realizing it may be his mother. Long story short, while watching a porn featuring the real Cassie, and re-enacting on the plastic doll, the boy's mother walks in. And I'll leave the rest to your imagination...

Needless to say, the day was fantastic. The book policy was not nearly as rigid as expected, and my first edition "Fight Club" is officially signed and sealed! Anyone else attend? Have any stories or feel like starting up a dialogue?