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Ok, I just told this story to someone else via AIM, so copy/paste cos I'm lazy:

disillusioned x: okay

disillusioned x: so - i go to barnes & noble, and i'm walking in and there's this old guy like in his 40s or whatever in the center aisle, lookin at some book, well he decides to stare right at me the entire time i'm walking down the aisle, on my way to the back where the magazines are...

disillusioned x: and i'm lik e"ok, he must be looking at someone/thing behind me" but no, as soon as i pass i see him out of the corner of my eye turn his head and watch me go past

disillusioned x: so i'm like "yeah, that's creepy"

disillusioned x: now im standing there looking at some magazines and then i notice - he's followed me! hoo fucking ray! so I go to to the other end of the magazine section. then decide to go to another part of the store, and as i'm leaving my new spot at the magazine section, here he comes again

disillusioned x: so i circle around where chuck's books are, seeing if they have lullaby (they never do) and as i go back the way i came (bad idea) here he fucking comes and as he passes me by, he gives me this creeeeeeeeeepy fucking smile

disillusioned x: and i'm like oh my fucking crap, off to the entire other side of the store i go... the only reason i haven't left yet is cos i thought a friend of mine was here (saw a similar car outside, blah blah)

disillusioned x: so i get to the other side of the store, don't see my friend, and i go around the back towards the door, looking down the aisles towards the way i came, to see if that fucker's still following me - sure enough, there he fucking he is, going right to where i had just gone... oh my fucking lord... got out into the parking lot, got into my car and drove home as fast as fucking possible


Fuck that!