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Stephen King's IT

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So a month back I finally get round to reading Stephen King's IT. God damn did this book take me an age to read. Now I read and enjoyed King as a younger teenager, I remember reading the Shining, Salem's lot and few others which escape me now.
However going back to king after devouring Palahniuk and Palahniuk-esque authors (which have blown me away these last few years) has proven an arduous task.
Anyways so I going through the last painful chapters of a book which I thought was an excellent story but had me frustrated with it's fastidiously overly drawn out 3rd person narrative.
Not to my question to those who have read and understood the book: why the hell did Beverley let the other's gang fuck her after they had 'stopped' IT. I mean the thing was defeated was it or not? (or stunned whatever). What possible reason was there for this event?. I mean they had already sworn a pact and declared a ‘love’ for one another. So what gives?