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Stephen King or: My snobbish mind, what have ye done?

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So, I read It when I was 13, because I was weird and had no friends. Kept going with The Shining, Carrie, Nightmares and Dreamscapes, Night Watch, The Green Mile, The Tommyknockers and maybe even a few more.

Around about 15 years old, I developed my first symptoms of literary snobbiness, and spat down at Stephen King, with his big fat paperbacks, and BIG TYPE SURNAME. Literature is only literature if I don't enjoy it damnit!

I grew out of this a bit, but the stigma kinda remained. About a year or so ago, I read On Writing, liked it, but didn't really give it another thought. On the phone recently, I flopped on my sofa and just started flicking through Gerald's Game, and accidentally read it in one go. Nice and gripping. After Danse Macabre, and a few more short stories, I'm wondering if maybe the guy is actually damn good, or at least more sophisticated than commonly assumed.

And if so, is he being given a hard shaft because he's so popular? Are there more great books he's written that I can seek out to confirm or refute my hypothesis?

And are there any other authors that might suffer neglect from my chronic literary snobbishness? (I can't be the only sick one).