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The State of the Union

I think there should be a separate thread for this. If you missed the speech you can watch it at

As usual, it was a great speech, but do you think Obama can live up to it? I think it's pretty well known that I'm a big Obama supporter, so I'll list the two things in the speech I opposed: repealing don't ask don't tell and extending hate crime legislation.

Other than that everything seemed like a great plan. Especially the investments in education and withdrawing troops from Iraq. I also really liked how he started the green energy part by mentioning nuclear energy, which I'm a big supporter of. The spending freeze (which he proposed before the speech) is worrisome for reform but understandably necessary. I'm also real glad he didn't budge on health care reform and his subtle hint that reconciliation may come into play (the senate utilizing a majority vote rather than a supermajority). I also liked he called the Republicans out for being obstructionists.

What did you like, dislike about the speech? Do you think it's just rhetoric or do you think he'll accomplish his goals?