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starting your own web site

Okay, I've got a pretty high level of expertise with the print production side of things, and I have Adobe CS (the version with InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, ImageReady, no GoLive). The sort of relatively static web site I want to set up should be do-able with the software I have.

Here's the rub: how do I go about registering my domain, getting web hosting space, etc. I don't mind spending a modest sum on it to have it appear pro (as opposed to having the thing show up in the browser as a redirect a la geocities), but I don't want to invest in expensive web development software. Basically, it would have dual use, as a blog type site that I could just put up stuff for kicks on, and for hosting occasional large graphics files via FTP. I have projects every couple of months that require me to hand off an electronic file of 25-90MB, and RoadRunner caps e-mail attachments at 2MB.

Right now, I'm at the mercy of the other person having domain hosting that I can upload to. Where do I go to get started without spending a fortune (or a ridiculous amount of study)? And without getting ripped off.

I know it doesn't take a genius to do what I want to do, it just hits too many blind spots in my web expertise.