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Star Wars talk


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let's make Alex wet.
So Revenge of the Sith looks pretty good. I wasn't remotely interested in seeing the first 2 but this one looks alright. I want to see Anakin's transformation into Darth Vader. That looks compelling.

In the thread that was incidentally also dedicated to and created by Alex, someone, I think it was Parkaboy - because why not? - said that the word "ewok" was never said in Return of the Jedi. Interesting factoid. They had to call the action figures and stuffed animals something besides "Endorian Bear-like Chipmunks."

The word Ewok was not spoken in Return of the Jedi, but I believe Wilford Brimley used it in "Ewoks: The Battle for Endor".

While looking up Battle For Endor to make sure Oatmeal Gut played "Noa" I stumbled across this humble explaination of the Ewok movies Chronology. I thought the writer was either damn clever in his mocking of the issue or unimaginably geeky (and I can imagine a lot.)

"This movie HAS to take place before ROTJ because during this time Logray still served as the medicine man for Bright Tree Village. He took on various apprentices, including Wicket (but he couldn't cut it as a wizard so he quit) and Teebo.

Apparently Logray began to stray towards the dark arts of magic, and he began doing strange expirments and enchantments. Chief Chirpa banned Logray shortly before the Battle of Endor, if I recall. Paploo then became the village's medicine man. In ROTJ, Paploo is the medicine man. Speaking or mentioning "Logray" soon became outlawed."

There you have it.

"Kiaya Keesh!!!"