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SPOILER - Recycled Material?

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One of the bigger scenes for me was when Mr. 72 bid, purchased and fucked the Cassie Wright doll.  The description of fucking a blow-up doll with a slow leak (and doing so faster so as to finish before it completely deflated) isn't a new idea.


Chuck has used this before.


He states in the documentary "Postcards from the Future" that the protagonist from his first, unpublished book, "Insomnia: If You Lived Here, You'd Be Dead Already", fucks a blow-up doll with a slow leak and tries to finish before it completely deflates at a very pivotal part of the story.


Now I don't believe for a moment that Snuff is that book, I just thinks it's cool that he's using bits from that book in his other works.  I wonder what other bits he has cultivated from that story and used in his other novels.


Your thoughts?