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A specific request regarding Chuck's writing.


I have to write a 4 page essay on processing pain of persecution in writing. I can choose any author but Chuck is the one I've connected to most in the past decade. I need a "source" which discusses the relevant ideas of the author I'm writing about and I'd like that source to help my understand that author in the way requested by the essay question.
If you're not sure what I mean, the default option is "The Crucible" by Miller which is about his being on the Hollywood Blacklist.

Does anyone know of any of Chuck's writing, interviews, or the writing of an analytical critic that discusses Chuck processing his pain in his writing, preferably specifically about persecution?
If there is something about this in the Writers' Workshop let me know and I will pay the fee, but only if I'm sure there is something about the topic.

I haven't had any luck so far, it seems like Chuck tends not to get into that stuff too much.