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Source Code

So it turns out Source Code was pretty good. Maybe not as good as Moon, but damn close.

I always get kind of worried with time travel movies, on how they're going to end them. They all seem to fall apart at the end because of the whole time travel paradox and whatnot. But they did a beautiful job on the ending for this.
The one shot, if you've seen it, then you'll know which one I'm talking about, almost made me cry!

The only thing that kind of bugged me about the movie was the music. For some reason, it put me in the mind of a 1970's disaster movie sound to it.
Where the heck is Clint Mansell when you need him?!

Anyways, who's seen it and what did you think?
I guess let's keep things spoiler-free for a while, till it kind of settles in as to how many people have seen it or not.