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The Songs that mean the most

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The other day I was doing some house cleaning and I came across my collection of my old Guitar Worlds magazines. I started looking at them and came across the section where guitar world picks a guitarist and ask him for his most influential songs that equal out to 60 minutes aka " 60 Minutes that rocked my world." So I decided to make a list of my own...not sure if it equal 60 mins out but I figured I give it a go. Looking forward to seeing other Cult members fav. jams! Here's my list, feel free to explain why these songs mean a lot to you/add pictures :)

Elliott Smith-Kings Crossing

Bob Dylan-Mr. Tambourine Man

Tom Waits- Shells from A 30.6

Bright Eyes- Lime Tree

The Kills- Kissy Kissy

John Lennon- Instant Karma

HIM-Heartache Every Moment

Blind Reverend Gary Davis-Death don't have no mercy in this Land

Frank Zappa- You are what you is

Ryan Adams- Hotel Chelsea Nights

Sparkle Horse-Someday I will treat you right

Wilco- Misunderstood

Howlin' Wolf- I asked her for water

Nico- These Days

Sufjan Stevens- You are the blood

Primus- Bob's Party time lounge live (From Rhinoplasty)

Radiohead- Talk Show Host

Bjork- Pluto

Iggy Pop- The Passenger