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Some Poetry....

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Yeah I've been debating for the past few days whether this would be the appropriate section to post my own poetry...But here it is

[U]Your Life Is A Deathtrap[/U]

A white light of a person,
An Angel among Whores
These people, I curse them
Though I speak out, no more
But a wolf lay beside me
In the clothing of sheep
And in truth, I despise thee
And no longer sleep...
Beneath the Blood, Above the Mud
Grasping for love, Among the flood
Life after Death, this Death is my Life
I swear on my Grave, Tonight is the night
Forgotten by man, shunned by God
Lost in the crowd, and exposed as a fraud
I hate how you haunt me, there is no Escape
But I love how you taunt me, It's true, I can't wait
Your peers in a jury, though you hang from a noose
You may not have heard me, but that's No Excuse
Deaf, Mute, Dumb, and Blind
I won't let this be over, it isn't the time
Driven out of my own Head
By this Mob of Hatred
Like fuel to the Fire, their Anger's fed
Once again, a Life is Wasted
Don't pretend it's in you to forget it

For the rest of my life, I will Regret it
Don't fucking Lie, you know you said it
The writing's in Blood, I know you read it
You claim you're Scared, you say you're Confused
I hope you feel Cheap, I hope you feel Used
I hope you feel all the Emotions you caused
And I hope you can't forget the Pain you saw
The Blood that was shed, the River runs Red
Stare into Her eyes, it's all in your head
The "love" that you felt, was never true
And you wish the whole World could hurt like you
But they can't, you're Alone, they can't feel what You feel
You went to Hell in your head, and with the Devil, made a deal
To be Blind, you prayed, you sold your Soul
And in due time, All warm grows Cold
A light from above, shone directly down Below
People among Sheep, disappeared long ago
Like lambs to the Slaughter, we are lead by Lies
And these Lies, they will lead us, until the Day we Die
That day has come, that day has passed
Lives are lost, some Gone too Fast
You're happy now, it will not last
Her name is spoken, a shuddering Gasp

Those Whores and Addicts that you called friends
Do you see what's happened? "No, Not Again"
They've left you, Just like everyone else
Left you to delve in your own inner Hell
It's your personal Hell, all yours to Create
And now there's so much more then your Life at stake
Don't take them with you, let them Cry and Wait
Let them sit and Wonder if their life was a Mistake
It was, Trust me when I saw it's for the Best
The Heart was torn from the Heaving Chest
His words are slurred, His mind - a mess
He drinks and drinks and goes to confess
At the Church, the Church - Inhabited by the Devil
The worshippers - sinners, and in Hate they revel
The choir is Slaughtered, these Hymns are their screams
The organ rings out their Hopes and Dreams
That are lost to above, clothes Ripped at the seams
And they're naked now, like the day they were Born
With nothing left, only the World to scorn
As they mourn - the Deaths of their futures are Born
But this cooked smile, makes a face seem deformed
Because a scowl is all that's seen, Forced to conform
They blind you with the Light, and play games with your Fright..
They Fuck with your Mind until life's out of sight

And this Light is just too Bright, I can't see up ahead
And this floor, and this knife are better off stained Red
Away from their Life, into Death are they lead
Instead of breathing, they Choke on their words and their Blood
And for the rest of my Life, I'll hold this grudge
From the bottom of my Heart, your name I curse
Yes it's true, I'll admit it, I was the First
And I won't be the Last, but I will be the Worst
Overcome by Hate, overwhelmed by Anger
Staring through this broken mirror at this Doppelganger
Who stands and taunts me, just by looking as I do
The only advantage is that when I kill him, I'll die to
This is it, the part of the Movie called the “Death Scene"
Where the main character cheats Death, by any means
But this movie is Different, the plot thickens at the End
When our hero Kills those he swore to Defend
So I hope you cry at the end of this Story
And I hope you realize - There is no glory
In real life, This is not a motion picture
And I hope you go to church, and Burn the scriptures
And I hope you get caught between a Rock and a Shot Glass
I hope you try to escape, but are Caught and Shot Fast

And your Death will bring not Rain nor Shine, not Pain or Sorrow
It will bring the Morning Mist, through which the Sun will Rise -
And the Storm shall surely Follow....

An autobiographical poem
It's pretty much a really long story so I'm not gonna leave it here
but if you really do get intreguied, let me know

Any criticism, comments, compliments, etc is appreciated
I also have a lot more stuff posted here [url][/url]

Many thanks!