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So what's everyone here reading?


Jason Rodriguez's picture Jason Rodriguez
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Curious to see what we have here. I read:

-Everything from [URL=]Hoarse & Buggy[/URL], whether it gets published or not (because that's my job)
-Everything from [URL=]Ait/Planet-Lar[/URL]
-Stray Bullets
-Couple of Anthologies: [URL=]Top Shelf[/URL], [URL=]Drawn & Quarterly[/URL], [URL=]Digital Webbing[/URL], []Shooting Star [/URL] and [URL=]Ape Omnibus[/URL]
-[URL=]Image[/URL]: Atheist, Small Gods, Noble Causes, Walking Dead, and Invincible
-[URL=]DC[/URL]: Y: The Last man, Wonder Woman, Gotham Central, Fables, Ex Machina, Detective Comics
-[URL=]Marvel[/URL]: Supreme Power, Astonishing X-Men, Runaways, Daredevil, Powers
-And I'll try out any book from a creator we've worked on with Western Tales of Terror.
-And then I tend to pick up a random book or two every month having no idea what it is or who the creator is. Sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised.

As far as trades go I just finished book 6 of Sandman, Fables and Reflections and will probably move onto book 7 next. I also just finished Maus for the first time. I tend to pick up a new Top Shelf book every month or so as well and I can’t wait for Super F*ckers.

What about you guys?