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So - what do you think of Haunted so far?


Im about on page 70. It seems to me to some times be really great, and others to be a bit annoying. I like the main story better then any of the shorter works so far, though Guts is amusing and I dug Lady Baglady's story. I like how they have all been given designations that fit their personality/look. I think the overall message, one of the horses I suppose, about not using lame excuses to prevent you from doing your writing (though this could be extrapolated into "doing whatever the fuck will make you a complete person") is quite useful/interesting, especially to a wannabe writer like myself.

I think my main problems with the book are a: it doesnt seem to be written as compellingly as his previous works and b: the quilt thing, at least the way its used in Haunted, doesnt seem to flow right. Maybe Ill get used to it. I hope so. I already think its better then Diary, which i didnt hate, but didnt like much either.
They both seem like cases of a good idea that went haywire during its creation.

Anyone else have any thoughts?