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So, I was watching

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fight club at a friend's house yesterday. For some weird reason, a barbecue, beer and fight club make the night much more interesting, because it was when tyler mention "we are a generation raised by women"

I didn't think abou it before, i mean, i thought in general 'mothers' but this could mean much more.

Since WWI we've actually been raised by women, while some of our fathers were out fighting a war, mom was home acting as both dad and mom. Feminism movement was also another factor that made men look like pigs and that women were better off without them, With the kobe case being all over the news on a daily basis, women seem to decide what rape is to them, you could be at a bar, drinking, you go back to her place, make out and start doing it and half way there she'll want to stop and if you don't it's consider rape. They seem to be taking more control of what the deciding factor is with anything, it's like "we (women) decide what rape is, we decide what you owe us when you leave us with children, we decide how you should treat a woman, we decide on how make us feel special, what we keep after a divorce..." and so on.

discuss please.