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So I just had sex and...


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For a long time I've always suspected that I never would really enjoy sex as much as most people. And as it turns out, I was kind of right.

The guy I invited over was really nice and he was great and all, but the entire time I was thinking "Well this is kind of awkward and weird and gross." Honestly, I get a of a lot more stimulation from masturbating. So when I invited him over we had planned on hanging around for 3-4 hours, but after an hour I'd just kind of had enough. Luckily my step-dad called from the airport so I made up some story about how they got bumped from their flight and were heading back this way and basically kicked the guy out. I was really apologetic and sincere about it though.

Overall it was a pretty disappointing experience, but the weird thing is that I'm not really that upset over it. I think this was more about just getting over my anxiety problems. In the end I'm glad I did it, but I don't think I'll be doing it again for a long time. If ever.

I'm going to go take another shower now and wash the shame and disappointment off me.