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Snuff: The Reaction (Yes, Spoilers, 'lots of 'em)


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And I finished it in one day, maybe a couple of hours and i was pacing myself too. Then again it was a 197 page book.

I must say, i agree with most people when they say this is an appetizer for Chuck fans. Short, quick, funny book. And because of this initially i was disappointed... Okay yes, INITIALLY....

I was also disappointed because it didnt have the thing people kept bitching about through out all the other novels: A Tyler Durdenesque character.

Which i must admit i loved his "appearence" in every novel/book. 

But now, in retrospect. I loved this book. Its a departure from his normal aresenal. Okay not that much but yeah.

I loved it for the absence of the Tyler Durden character and his ability to narrarate chapters with four different characters.

Mr. 600 and his "Dudes."

Mr. 137 and his "Wouldnt you know it?"

Sheila with her feminism and constant description of all men as, "jerk jockeys, pud-pullers, monkey-milkers, chicken chockers..." and of course her chorus of, "True fact."

And Mr. 72 and his, "I dont know."

I loved this book because its sort of in "real-time." Because its taking place in one day, or one shoot, it has to be short and quick. I cant imagine a book like this lasting 300-plus pages. Men half naked in the green room, eating, spraying cologne, spraying bronzer, gel, all that. Lasting and keeping my attention for more then 300 pages, i guess that'd be too much to ask for maybe even a stretch. 

And yeah the twist I'm pretty sure everybody saw coming. Well i did. This is the line that hinted it the most:


"... and Ms. Wright says, "But maybe it's  time I do something for my kid."

Reaching to take the tissue, i say, "Your little boy?"

And Ms. Wright dosent say anything. Picks up the tissue kissed with her perfect lips. Hands me the dirty tissue. (152)"


The fact that she didnt respond made me suspicious. Add to the fact that Mr. 72 and Sheila are both the same age. It was pretty obvious.

 I'll say now that i was hoping that Mr. 137's Mr. Toto was the actual dog from the Wizard of OZ and that he was the guy that bought it... But hey, i guess that was the connection.

 In conclusion to this long rant i say this: I loved it.

 I know some of you's might hate it, dislike it, call him a hack and all this but fuck you. Yes, FUCK YOU... Okay kidding, I love you culties....


(I still say Rant and Invisible Monsters is his best works)....


Please, discuss your reaction my fellow loving darlings....