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The Situation Worsens in Tibet

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I must say, I am happy with what is happening in Tibet right now.  I am excited by the promise it has shown.  I am horribly saddened by the abuse and deaths of my sisters and brothers in Tibet, but this seems to be the largest uprising since 1959.  Not only are there a large number of monks and nuns involved, but a large number of lay-Tibetans are participating as well, which is a big deal. 


This round of protests began in recognition of the anniversary of the 1959 protests.  But with all eyes on China due to the imminent 2008 Summer Olympic Games, the timing could not be better.  In my personal opinion, it is the responsibility of any and everyone who supports human rights to boycott the Olympic games.  For most of us that merely means not turning on our televisions, or maybe writing letters to our local leaders as well as sports figures expressing our disdain.  I wish that the US would do more, but they have proven that, as long as we owe China inconceivably large quantities of money, and as long as we rely on them for so much of our imports, the US government will take no action above a few hollow words here and there. 


I have a lot more I could say on the issue, but instead I will share with you some links.


[url=] On Frontlines in Tibet, Protesters 'Shot Like Dogs' [/url]


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[url=] Chinese Policies Slowly Led to Backlash in Tibet [/url]


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[url= His Holiness the Dalai Lama decries China's actions as 'Cultural Genocide'[/url]



Please add your own links and opinions.