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Simms age according to Chuck. SPOILER ALERT

I know we;ve been over this several times but we have an update. Monk just attended the Strand signing and he did me a favor and questioned Chuck about the age of Simms. Not only did Mink say that chucks reply was that Green was between the age of 70 and 80 but he said that Chuck was stumped by the question. Am I trying to figure out an question that not even Chuck has the answer to? Am a on the right track with the following...

Follow me on this one. Green/Charlie is 23 years old when crashes into Echo, who is eight at the time. He goes back 60 years. This means that by the time he reaches the point from where he first went back, his is 83. And Echo is 8. I'm not sure if Echos age is ever mentioned but she is definitely old enough to drive. Let's say 16. This is 8 years after the crash which then puts Greene at 89. Do you see my logic and why I am lost? If Ech is older than this, which I think she is, it only adds to Greens age. In other words, if Echo is 25, This would mean Green is 98. Am I missing something?