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Signed Chuck books for sale (FC, Choke, + more)

I'm selling off my signed Chuck collection. It includes Fight Club (1st. edition, 4th print), Choke (1st edition, 9th print), Lullaby (1st/1st), Diary (1st/1st), Haunted (1st/1st)m, and Rant (1st/1st). They're all in really good condition.

I also have a signed hard cover copy of Mark Danielewski's House of Leaves (full color first edition, 16th print) which is missing its dustjacket, and a trade paperback signed copy of Alex Garland's The Beach (1st/23rd) which has a bit of wear on the cover but is otherwise in good condition.

You can make me an offer for any of these, or for all of them, via PM or email at