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Sh*t, Chinese mining industry, get it together!

Seriously. You're making Chile look awesome, and that's a country that still contends Allende killed himself with an AK-47.

"Chinese Bosses Charged Over Zambia Mine Shooting"

Two managers of a Chinese-owned coal mine in Zambia opened fire on striking miners, critically wounding 11 people.

" 'Slim' Chance of Survival After China Mine Blast"

30 miners in Henan province have been declared dead after a gas leak in a coal mine, with another 7 possible. Quote: "China's mines are the deadliest in the world, with more than 2,600 people killed in coal mine accidents in 2009 alone. . . Another gas leak in 2008 at the same mine killed 23 people."

And this is why China will someday, very soon, rule the world: an almost hilarious lack of respect for life combined with an insatiable lust for natural resources. We have taught them so well.