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short story, want to run it by a few more people..

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Im new to the site.
Story inspired after talking to my brother.


The Beginning
My name is Matty. I was born in 1984, and I grew up in a small town in Ohio. Nothing spectacular arose out of the alumni of my school, I followed that tradition. My parents were the type of parents every child dreamed of. They went to every football game, helped me with my homework, drove me wherever i please. Their morals have been drawn onto my chalkboard of a brain. My father told me to "be something" my entire childhood, how cliche. But i never argued, or rebelled for the hell of it, I did as i was told and studied hard. My brothers name is Adam, he is six years younger than me. Goofy in his toddler years, rather anti-authority. In an innocent manner of course, yet still present. I recall once time where their were cookies on our kitchen table, mom had told us not to touch them. He pulled a cookie out of the jar and placed it in the sink. He thought this was hilarious. Silly boy. He's just a kid, right?
Being told to "be something" my entire childhood made an impression on me unlike anything else I encountered in my younger years. "Be something", how beautiful. As high school went on, my mother regularly told me how people changed. There would be those who stayed stagnant, and those who advanced forth in life to "be something". Those who partied, and those who molded their lives into careers and marriages. She told me that my true friend(s) would shine out from the darkness of aqautenances'. I started noticing this my sophmore year, I had one or two good friends, it was all i needed.


The Middle
Times are changing, I was out of high school at this point. I had enrolled in college, a prestigious one at that. Ivy league. Walking in and out of my university induced a rush daily. The feeling that i was starting to "be something" as my father had told me to fed this strong emotion even more-so. I wasn't a college drop out flipping cheeseburgers for $7.25 an hour (as i was warned would be the outcome if i didn't attend college). My parents helped me move my belongings into my dorm the first day. "I'm proud of you". I enjoyed the compliment, it completed me. I wanted every action that came from me to help the world in some way, as my parents' actions helped me. I wanted to be an influence, instead of an annoyance. How could people live any other way?
By this time my brother was in his freshman year of high school. More into the arts than his studies, the term "be something" was loosely followed in his day-to-day studious life. Instead of my parents being angry, they encouraged him in his own way. "Pursue what you want, just be something". Being a kid he didn't have time for anyone except his friends. They gathered every weekend. I'm not sure what they did, he never spoke of it. They were just teenagers, probably playing cards and riding their skateboards. What else do teenagers do?

The End
Graduation day was arriving. My life was forming, I'll never forget these past four years. I'm graduating at the top of my class along with my best friend. Unfortuneatly, my other best friend that I've known since high school had dropped out of college, i haven't talked to him since. I've tried getting ahold of him, but nothing works. He started partying with his room mate and it all went downhill from there. I don't need to be exposed to that anyhow, what was "he being"? There isn't a use for people like that. I guess he chose the other road in life
My brother had some rough times in school. He had to drop out, there were issues with him and other students. Two upperclassmen were bullying him, I was never told the reason. The two seniors had cornered him in the bathroom, just before a teacher broke it up. He tells me he's going to college, I believe him. He occasionally drank but he had it under control, after all it was only on the weekends.
He enrolled in nightschool. I knew he would come around, he would be in college just like he had told me. He was finally going to "be something".


The Conclusion
It's been 4 years since i graduated, If you've been reading carefully you'd know i was twenty seven. I found my other half about three months ago, she is everything I ever wanted. Her name is Jessica. Her ideas are one with mine, she has a degree in law as do I. If our relationship continues in the direction it is currently, I would love to marry her. I love her, but any quick decisions such as marriage could end badly. I've decided to not think about it, to just live each day with her. The best part is she agrees with me.
My brother never made it through night school. He got caught distributing drugs during class, poor kid. I haven't heard from my brother in two years, neither have mom or dad. What kills me is he had the same opportunity I did but didn't take it. Our parents supported us immensely throughout our childhood. They treated us as equals. Every Christmas they would be sure to purchase the same amount of presents to assure there would be no jealousy. On Easter, we both painted eggs. Before school each morning mom made us both breakfast. Love was present.
I guess he chose the other road in life.

Edit; if you wanna tell me what you think i'll love you :)