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Short story (non-fiction): Pooch hair

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Pooch hair.

She started to cry.
"Come on!" I screamed, "what the hell where you thinking? You made a promise to us girl. Don't make me smack you like you're used to down here." I don't even care if she understands a word I'm saying., hey I can be a dick from time to time, but don't we all need to sharpen ourselves on the torrents of the world?
'You're a bad guy," she cried in bad English, one of her fingers from her ridiculously small hands pointing at my nose.
"Tell me something new," I laughed, "and who the fuck agrees - or wait, even suggests (!) to have a gang bang with three huge white males!?"
She felt silent. No more tears. The saddest smile I've seen in a while and she spoke silently: "If you want it, I will do it, for you."
Hell no. That Bitch. I should push her from the balcony where we're standing on right now. Watch how her head handles hard concrete after tumbling down and building up momentum from 100 feet. I'm not that of a dick to let her do it. If she really doesn't want it, then the deal is off. Don't mind the two rattling albino snakes in my friends' pants. They won't bite.

Some girls here. It's not funny anymore. You would think China is conservative and all, but that's just the exterior. Once you step into the mud, you sink right in it. Girls who are so cockhungry they call themselves Jenny, or Coco, Ceecee, Lolo, whatever kind of stripper name they find for selling their body to a tone lighter than theirs. For free. For you and me for free. Show your skin color and get a free pass. This girls next to me on the balcony is named Jenny. Will she be happy? Will she be rich? Here's what she said to me.. Fuck what the hell was that!? Damn ketamine aftermath. Holes in my brain.

I must say, it's kinda funny actually. It all went according to plan: I was fucking her in the other room while my two buddies were eating pizza, smoking hajsies and watching some movie. They could hear her shout: "Oh my god! It's so big!" and: "Yes baby, Oh baby," with a repetetive bed-to-wall-BONK. I tried to morse them to get.. me.. some.. pi..zza, but the nitwits failed to understand the code. Too stoned. At that point i withdrew with an empty condom and a rumbling belly. I thought: she will be here all night so why finish it now you know? I tapped my buddy on the couch. Lets call him by his Chinese name "Laolun" even though he's more Dutch than I will ever be.
He went in. Took off his robe. I heard a small awful scream. Not the good kind. This guy was about to fuck up. I knew it. I should have send in the American first.
"Well what's the matter!?" I screamed at them. He came back in and immediately took a big hit from the bowl.
"She doesn't want to," he said.
The couch squeezed next to me. It was a statue until now. The American turned his head and looked at Laoluns' half open robe. "Look at that pooch hair [pause] You are a freaking bear [pause] You know Chinese girls don't like bears [pause] This ain't the first time, and will not be the last time."
"Hmm.. you're right," the Dutch bear grumbled, "this isn't the first time eh?" He sat down and took another hit. "Then it's time for you to get MAD again Alex."
And fuck he was right. I felt the anger crep up like a watchful dog ready to rip someone's torso off. I unbelted and went back in. To cause some havoc. It's the only way they learn here man. The only way.