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short piece for a literary magazine

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this is just something for school. it ins't long. not very developed yet. but you can critique. bash. it's whatever.

Locker Combination.
2 turns left.
1 turn right.
1 turn left.
Return blue English book.
Withdraw red Physics book.
According to my schedule, I'm walking to my next class.
4th Period. 9:56.
I turn.
There's a cat in the hallway.
The one with the face and the blond thing with the legs, it's right between them. Skinny tail raised in the air. Stepping so elegantly. So lovely. Set apart from anything I've ever seen. Seamless, it flows around the corner. Out of sight. Out of... anyones sight. Did no one see it? It was a black cat.
A little black cat.

Shocked, I survey the environment. It remains untouched. The obnoxious shirt, he didn't see. The short one who's always running didn't even slow down to glance. The one that's maybe a girl, no a boy, is still laughing with his or her girlfriends or man buddies. The two pairs of trendy boots, throwing up peace signs, are still taking pictures of themselves, lips bunched together in some annoying kissy face. Completely uninterested. Oblivious. No one looks amazed, intrigued, or even aware. Everyone is just uniformly... at ease. But before I could ponder this twice, I inject myself into the stream of students. Around the corner.

At first, it was gone. Crushed. I must be insane. A cat in the school? But then, little black feet, paws, patter in unison with shoes along the bustling danger that surrounds it. Nobody notices this cat but me. I have to save it. Protect it. Love it.

I split golden chains with my hands. I veer through iphones, pink panty hoes, wide scarfs with frayed edges, colorful highlights, skirt-jeans combinations, and hoodies covered in logos. I swim in strides. Closer. There she is, not even afraid, but trotting along. There is no fear on her face, just a look that tells me she's... peaceful.

Big, round, deep, yellow, sparkling, peaceful eyes.
A spectacular creature.

The one minute bell tolls. The flow increases as I reach out touch her. But, I am consumed by the crowd and for a moment, less than a second, I could feel her. Her touch sent a sensation through my body. Starting at my fingertips, and quickly dispersed throughout me. A feeling so pure and meaningful. As if I’ve been dipped into warm water, letting the feeling slowly crawl all over me, I stop. I let everything dissolve as she slips around the next bend. She was so beautiful. No. I need her

I tear. I rend through Hollister, through Abercrombie, through Steelers, through Buckeyes, through scene bands, through video game characters, through Hannah Montana, through Japanese symbols, through Barack Obama's face. I bound, dash, and leap. I drop my red physics book. My planner. My things spread across the hallway. Papers scribbled with pencil drift to the floor. Some one yells. I ignore them.

The contents of the hallway pour into their classrooms. The final bell rings, and I'm left alone, in one empty corridor, without her. So empty.

Frantically, I pass doorway after doorway. Searching for her. Room 209. No. Room 211. Nothing. Room 210. Nowhere. Room 212. I'm barely holding on to my breath, struggling with all my strength but she is not there. Only students, sitting quietly at their desks, ready to begin the days work. I have to find her. What if she's hurt. What if she's---

--there. In the front row, however many seats from the center, room number irrelevant, on top of the desk, curled up in a ball. I can see from here, how soft and silky her fur is. How perfect. Every person in the room still unaware of her presence. Her existence. She lifts her head gracefully, eyes penetrating, inspecting upon my intrusion. My eyes meet her stare. Innocence. And for a second, I'm swallowed by her beauty.

“Excuse me.”

Taken back, I jerk my head in the direction of this voice. It's a balding teacher, sitting at his desk, scattered with important papers, and a important computer filled with important files. Waiting for me to say something. Waiting to teach me to my grave.

“Do you need any help, sir?”

Pause. I hesitate... then...

“There's a cat in your class.”

He doesn't even break his gaze from over me. Actually, it intensifies. He looks almost... disgusted with me.

“There is no cat here.”

I take a slow step backwards. I can feel her eyes filling my mind with wonderful thoughts, such magnificent opportunities. But still, I take another slow step backwards.

“Umm..” I pause again. “Alright. I'm sorry.”

I drag myself through the door way. Waiting for someone to notice her. To just look at her.

But no one does.
So I turn.
So I leave.
Maybe I'll see her again.