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Shivers, Pear Noir! and Murky Depths - January blow out for Richard Thomas

I mentioned this at the Velvet, but three stories that I'm really proud of are coming out this month. Shivers is going to be a great collection, lots of big names. Pear Noir! is very cool, they'd published work by Lydia Davis, Etgar Keret and lots of indie/lit darlings. Murky Depths is a very cool graphic rag

1. Shivers VI is shipping, copies are not up at Amazon yet, but are at Cemetery Dance. "Stillness" - which I wrote here at the Cult, and Clevenger said "send out, it's perfect, it's ready. With Stephen King, Peter Straub, and many more.

2. Pear Noir! #5 is taking pre-orders. Great company in here for "Terrapin Station": Kim Chinquee, Kevin Moffett, etc.

3. Murky Depths #15 is shipping too, has my story "Victimized" in it, in a graphic format. Haven't seen my spread yet. They got a British Fantasy Award last year.