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Shhhhh! Santa's Secret Workshop


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It's that time of year again for Secret Santa

I will not be participating this year but I wanted to organize it so everyone will be surprised at the gifts they receive. You will however receive a Christmas card from me if you participate :)
Here's what should be included in the Secret Santa package:
1 hand written letter/Christmas card
(share your chicken scratch it's more personal and also you might want to include a Christmas memory whether it's funny,sad,bad,great)
1 book(new or used)
1 local item
As much candy or treats that are local (hehehe)
$20 dollar limit (Keep in mind this is not including shipping costs)

Try to keep with the Christmas theme in the items you buy as much as possible. You are also not limited to the items posted above. Homemade items are encouraged and try to really get something you think your giftee will like and enjoy.

If you want to participate post in this thread with the following info:
Whether you can ship internationally or not:(International/States Only)
-T-Shirt size: (Some people like sending shirts so clarify what sizes you wear)
-3 items you would like (keep the budget in mind)
-3 books you would like to read
-3 of your fun/hobby interests (this is to give all the secret santa's a better idea of what other items to get you)

Also if you Secret Santa's have any other specific questions for your giftees pm them to me and I will post those questions here or pm the giftee so you can get those special gifts.

Deadline to post in here to participate is: Nov.18
You will be assigned your giftee: Nov. 20
Gifts should be sent by: Dec. 10

One last tip:

Do not put anything illegal in the packages

It's a no brainer really but yeah this is to ensure that all the packages make a safe trip and that the giftee won't end up with something they might have to dispose of.

Let the Santa's roll in!