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So I started this book a few weeks ago based on a recommendation from someone whose opinion I hold in fairly high regard. Has anyone else read this book? It's terrible. The guy has a crazy story, and from what I understand it's semi-autobiographical, but his writing is one cliche after another. If he gets lost in this girls "sea-green eyes" one more time I've going to light it on fire, eat the ashes, puke them up, and take a shit all over it. And it's over nine hundred pages. The worst part is when I tried to talk to my friend to see why he liked he, he got offended and defensive when I told him how I felt (which was more respectable that the fire/puke/shitting comment). But when I look into it, it seems that most people love this book, hailing it as one of the greats of the last fifty years. Am I missing something?