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Sex Sells.

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i was having a thought the other day, --hear me out--

and i was wondering, how-- sex still manages to sell most products- or the [i]allure[/i] of sex. and i got to thinking... why is it then, there was a need for corporations/governments to regulate the production/distribution of pornography etc etc... and i got to thinking-- again-- that. if we could all view it, LEGALLY- if it was everywhere and SO blatant-- perhaps then, we MIGHT become totally [b]de-sensitized[/b] to it in a way- that the Allure of Sex- might not interest people as much anymore. y'know?

so, could it be-- that as long as it remains somewhat taboo - this goes for rutting itself, and porn- and sex related content-- yeah, as long as it remains somewhat taboo- that it will still serve to able to make money.

and i guess i got to thinking about all of this- (cos , in my job/industry, i am like you all, exposed to alot of advertising/design/marketing/promotion etc-- but its my job to develop more--)-- cos most advertising work i see- is more or less based on the [b]intangible qualities[/b] of a product.

print ad for a watch.
yes, it looks great, its all technical.
its a fucking awesome product.
very attractive semi-naked woman/man wearing it.
= oh? so if i buy this- i will seem as attractive or attract some as attractive.


its dumb logic, but thats how most people are brainwashed.
its subconcious--- and lord, do not try to argue with me on how this shit works.
ive clogged up many a thread elsewhere on the topic-

so, what do you guys think?
am i just spouting off total shit-- or am i onto something?

( wether or not anything is solved or determined, by the end of this thread- i dont care- im just curious to see how other people think & feel, and if theyve picked up on this )...