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"Seven Pounds" Guessing Game

So I keep seeing these ads for the new Will Smith movie, "Seven Pounds." It also seems to have Rosario Dawson and Barry Pepper.

And I must have seen the trailer twenty times, and for the life of me, I can't figure out what the movie is ABOUT! There's a Will Smith voiceover where he says something like "I have the ability to drastically change the lives of seven people", and then Barry Pepper yells at him, and then Rosario Dawson looks at him all flirtatiously, but she also kind of looks like a junkie.

So the point of this thread is to post your guesses as to what the movie is about. Please don't post if you ACTUALLY know what it's about, because that's a total fun-suck.

My guess is that he donates skin grafts to seven people and helps them through reconstructive plastic surgery.