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Serial Killers & Profilers

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I'm currently working on a novel set in England, in which a serial killer is apprehended and confesses to all during interrogation. The story of his murder campaign is told through flashbacks. I'm trying to make the characters particularly the killer as realistic as possible. I'm also trying to avoid large similarities with infamous fictional killers such as Hannibal Lecter and Patrick Bateman.

Phillip Hammel-38 years old at the time of his arrest, though he first killed when he was 24. He confesses to 7 murders although there could be many more. Hammel's MO consists of torture, decapitation and necorphilia. Phil is a organised offender which means he meticulously plans his crimes before committing them. Hammel is also a power orientated killer, meaning he takes pleasure in the domination and manipulation of his victims. He had a overbearing mother who made him live in the attic in his teens, his father died when he was young and he discovered the dead body of his grandfather when he was 16. When he was a child he often tortured and killed animals, occasionally he used fire in these killings.


Dr William "Liam" Rymdzionek-Liam Rymdzionek is a brilliant forensic psychologist and a very flawed character. He's a recovering/recurring abuser of drugs and alcohol, he's frequently unfaithful to his wife and has battled with depression for a number of years. He's been working as a lecturer at the University of Liverpool for several years, because on his last case he suffered a near emotional breakdown. Rymdzionek jumped at the chance to consult on this case and started working on it immediately.

I've searched all over the net in search of in-depth analysises of serial killers made by profilers, and detailed information about the fantasies they have.
Any information on real life serial killer fantasies are welcome, as well as any suggestions on how I could improve the character's backstories. I'm thinking that Hammel should have an active social life but an inactive love life, though I'm not sure because killer's like Dennis Rader had a wife and children. I'm also not sure what occupation Hammel should have, I've been thinking maybe a teacher, but I'm still not sure.

Thanks, in advance for all advice and suggestions you may offer.