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A Serbian Film: a review

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A Serbian Film is a Serbian film about an aging male ex porn star who lives in a crazy, whimsical fantasyland where male porn stars are paid in actual money and and not all the Taco Bell they can eat for participating in porno movies. (Actually it's like $100 but it's still about what the guy running the camera gets). Milos, the former porn star, spends time puttering around the house with a three-day beard that stays at a three-day beard and not reacting to things. Also, he has a three-year-old kid who he's trying to raise and such in a house with an unlocked cabinet full of his old porno movies.

Also his brother is a cop and we can tell that he's sleazy because he has an earring and visits hookers and wants to fuck the porno guy's wife to the point where he'll go masturbate in their bathroom.

Anyway one day while he's out sleazing it up he runs into some other porn star he used to know. We can tell she's a porn star because she goes out in public in a PVC nurses' uniform regardless of weather. She says some mysterious rich guy that no one's heard of wants to put him in a movie.

So he visits this guy, who lives in a big creepy mansion and is implied to be in organized crime because he has identically-dressed thugs follow him around. The guy who represents Satan talks about porno movies or art or something for a while and tries to get Milos to sign an intentionally-vague contract for an intentionally-vague contract. Milos doesn't ask important questions like "is this a snuff film" and "are you the devil" but he's skeptical enough to think it over for a while before he actually goes and signs it. Satan the guy with the goatee and evil minions also agreed to pay him some ridiculous, but unspecified, sum, enough for the guy to go against every instinct he had in regards to signing the thing.

It turns out he volunteered for an overly-elaborate snuff movie. Horrendous gore, sex, and gory sex follows. The end. Oh, and this is one of those movies where a large portion of the movie is told in flashback, and it's critical to the plot that a character has exactly the right flashback and does what other people want, instead of going to the police or leaving the country to think about things and not telling anyone, or something the villains didn't think of.

Also this movie has one of the most unconvincing neck-breaks in movie history.

I'm not sure, but I think the movie is also a commentary on itself,like "look at the kind of movie we have just made." The movie they just made being overly violent and overly complicated torture porn. I dunno. If you want a movie with a lot of violent, disturbing sex in gritty, ex-Soviet locations, this is your movie.

2.5/5 stars