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Sense of Place <part2>

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a second part. on a lighter note.

id like to pose another question. that being, [b]Q. What is it about where you are, that is really good- that alot of people not from there, might very well not know?[/b]

in this case, id like to talk about Sydney. in general. not just Shore.

some cool things are as follows:

- a whole bucketload of different races, people, lifestlyes of are all mixed together.
- if your kinda lucky-- you can live in some really ace places around here- where you can have the city 10mins away, water views of the harbour, be a 2min walk from a major hi-way, but its dead quiet anyway. ( this is where my house currently is)
- oh yeah, theres beaches and shit- if thats what youre into.
- an interesting set of sub-cultures in art, music etc.
- a varied and interesting sub-culture set in night life too.
- every second cab driver is an eccentric genius.

***so you gotta come down here, all you Europeans and Nth Americans!

rant over.

so please share. :)