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Sense of Place <part1>

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Id like to pose a question.
Q. What do you see as the thing that most threatens the good things about where you are?[/b] ( and please dont be token and say 'terrorism' ). I mean, try to be more specific. Perhaps an issue thats only relevant to where you are.

In my case.

I wanted to make a minor vent re: the people that run the joint over here.

[start whine]

Ok, Australia ( Syd. within that too ) is a pretty cool place.
Its loaded with all kinds of people- from all over the world- and its generally clean and happy. People try to get on with their lives, and i dont know- do stuff. Actually try.

And here-- we have a slightly different way in approaching things on some levels. Maybe its the sunshine, or the deadly animals that lurk and try to kill our asses every other day, but were like a rare breed of mutants. Our mentality, is kind of kooky.

So what a wanted to whine about-- my issue- is im concerned about the Conservative assholes that seem to get elected year after year. --now the point will come-- 'Well smartarse, why dont you vote and try and change that'--= but if you know about where i lived- youll see my 1 donkey vote was a drop in the rather large puddle of sydney ( shore ) bollocks voting.

Im not into nationalism-- i just kind of *like* it here-- and can see this place as being the 'other alternative' from everywhere else. -- just cos we do things kinda differently. our mentality being the driving cause. -- eg. i can see, in my industry-- in design mentality how are a refreshing different to Europe and America-- if thats what someone wants-- and i just get pissed at those 1950s mentality idiots 'we' put into government. Who are totally out of touch with where we should be trying to go.

I know, with age comes experience-- but i dont think its right that we put people over 60- as our leader and head of state. the likelihood is that they are trapped in the timeframe where they suited, where they were comfortable- ie. the 50s. i dont know, why cant we have younger leaders- who are wise and with expereince-- and most importantly 'with it' ?

if any other Syd/Aussie ppl want to shoot me down. your time starts now.

[/whine over]

Oh yeah- so thats my bollocks story.
Please feel free to add your own.