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Send Us Your Snuff Pictures & Media!

Send Us 'Snuff' Media!

I'm doing something new for this book release.  This will be a thread that will collect Reviews people find on the net, or on newstands, for 'Snuff'.  In fact, anything related to 'Snuff' you see you should let us know about here, with a link to the article, review, blurb, blg, picture etc.  I will then slowly collect it all and list it in our Media section.

Mind you, we don't want people copying and pasting full article text into posts on this thread.  Just the link is fine.  And the magazine/newspaper/zine date/issue number of it's on a newstand.  (yes, I'll probably go pick it up).

If you prefer to send the media to me via email, you may do so at!

Send Us 'Snuff' Tour Pics!

This one you've seen me ask for every year.  I want you all taking cameras to these readings for 'Snuff' and then sending us your best pictures after.  We'll be posting them all in the MySpace page and in our new Gallery.

Send your 'Snuff' tour pictures to!

Send Us Pictures Of You In Our Snuff Tshirts!

Finally, is my favorite.  The headline pretty much says it all.  Slip on our awesome new 'Snuff' shirts, and take as many pictures you're willing to send us for a new Gallery we'll be creating . Even better would be you wearing your shirt posing with Chuck at a reading, or doing something fun out in public.  Maybe even re-enacting a scene from the book.  *(no, not one of the sex scenes.  lol).

You can send those pictures to!