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Seeking Suggestions for "Family" Games - X-Box or X360

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I might have asked before elsewhere, but never really got an answer (that I can recall, anyway), so here's my situation...

I am on the lookout for games that I can play with my daughter. She's eight, so, you know, content. It's not too hard to find games that are acceptable in that area, but what I've had trouble with is finding games that are fun and two players can play simultaneously. We like to play together, you know? And a lot of what I've found is single player or turn-based. Example - Our box came with Kung-Fu Panda (good single-player, but multiplayer blows), and Lego Indiana Jones (great multiplayer). I will totally pick up one of the other Lego games eventually (Star Wars Complete Saga most-likely) but would like to find something completely different as well.

We have Rayman Raving Rabbids (single-player and kind of not so much fun) and WALL*E (totally excellent single-player, blah multi), and Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection (turns out she's not so much into retro game styles. Go figure.) She loves Portal, but it's still rather difficult for her.

Anyone have any suggestions for cool, fun, multiplayerable games that don't involve too much gore and/or sex? I'd appreciate your help. Thanks!

NOTE: We don't have Kinect and I'm not planning on getting it any time soon. Also, suggestions for any of the Grand Theft Auto / Vice City games will earn you my eternal scorn.