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Seeing the Gorillaz tomorrow!

So I'm seeing the Gorillaz tomorrow night in Virgina and I'm not going to lie I'm pretty stoked! I've always been a blur fan and never got a chance to see them live. When I heard the style of a Gorillaz concert I was so-so about seeing them...Mainly because of just watching TV screens than the actually artists. But I hear on this tour it's theme is more based on the musicians than short films. Over the years with their albums (studio/remixed) I've really grown to love these guys and was just wondering if anyone else on here has them live? If so is it worth it/good show?!

On a nerdy side note-Has anyone ever noticed the beginning music of "Last living souls" on "Demon Days" is from the Fight Club dvd menu? And I believe it's also used in the movie for a short scene but I can't recall which one at the moment...