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Seeing is believing


Do you believe in ghosts?

One of my neighbours has recently taken over the kitchen of an old East End pub down the road. On one of her first shifts she noticed a homeless man outside who regularly passes by with his disabled dog in a trolley. He usually tries to sit at one of the tables outside, but the landlord usually shoos him away. Anyway, my neighbour took pity on him and gave him and the dog a free meal. As she was washing up the plates in the kitchen upstairs, someone behind her shoulder thanked her for doing such a good turn. She turned around to speak to the person (and...dun...dun...dun), there was nobody there. She didn't think much of it and presumed it to be one of the tenants from the apartment above the pub. She later told the landlord that she'd spoken to one of them and he pulled a funny face, saying that there was no-one in the apartment that week as they were on holiday in Australia. He did admit however, that many staff had seen and heard the ghost of an old man, but he hadn't wanted to tell her in case it made her uncomfortable. Since the incident she has experienced some unexplainably weird things, such as dishes and cutlery being re-arranged (no one else works in the kitchen but her) and funny sounds.

I personally don't know if I'm a "believer" or not, but I love hearing these sorts of stories, in the comfort of the day-time, anyway.

Anyone got any more?