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School Interview Questions

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I'm writing a paper profiling Palahniuk feel free to answer the questions in fact please do even if it's just one question and if you wouldn't mind leaving at least your first name so you get credit for your words that would be wonderful or tell me an alias.

1. what interests you in Palahniuks' work as an author?

2. How do you feel about the sexual, grotesque, violent descriptions/details in his works? Do you find that your somewhat interested or curious to read about these ideas in his writing?

3. Does anything disturb you while reading his books? (the more specific the better)

4. Why do you think people would advocate against books that Palahniuk publishes?

5. What do you know about Palahniuks personal life?

6. Does anything in the books that you have read by Palahniuk lead you to believe that he is at all sadistic, overly judgmental towards religion, society or government? any examples brief or not?

7. Has reading his any of his novels changed the way you view anything in society that he brings up in his works?

8. Who introduced you to Palahniuks' work?

9. What is your favorite published book that you have read so far and why?