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The Samaritan - Book Club October '11

October's Book Club selection is The Samaritan by Fred Venturini.

I'm excited to dig into this one.

I was curious about the book when I saw the banner ad at the top of the page. I would click the ad and read about the book and think - this book sounds bad ass.

And then Brandon Tietz posted a review of it on his site. That sealed the deal for me.

That review can be found HERE

Here's the description:

Dale Sampson is a nobody. A small town geek who lives in the shadow of his best friend, the high school baseball star, it takes him years to even gather the courage to actually talk to a girl. It doesn't go well. Then, just when he thinks there's a glimmer of hope for his love life, he loses everything. When Dale runs into the twin sister of the girl he loved and lost, he finds his calling--he will become a samaritan. Determined to rescue her from a violent marriage, and redeem himself in the process, he decides to use the only "weapon" he has--besides a toaster. His weapon, the inexplicable ability to regenerate injured body parts, leads him to fame and fortune as the star of a blockbuster TV reality show where he learns that being The Samaritan is a heartbreaking affair. Especially when the one person you want to save doesn't want saving. The Samaritan is a brutally funny look at the dark side of human nature. It lays bare the raw emotions and disappointments of small town life and best friends, of school bullies and first loves, of ruthless profiteers and self-aggrandizing promoters and of having everything you know about human worth and frailty questioned under the harsh klieg lights of fame.

Fred should be stopping by to discuss this with us too. So be nice!

And get to reading!