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i'm eda, a late blooming chuck-ite. i didn't discover my obsession until diary was released entirely because i'm an idiot and hate to read things everyone is talking about. i must have had 10 coworkers (i'm a bookseller) tell me how i just hadddddddd to read palahniuk. so i didn't. once i didn't hear his name for 6 months or so i picked up diary and ended up reading the rest of his back catalog in just a few weeks. it was ridiculous and utterly wonderful.
i reside in the virtually rainless southern california (except for yesterday... yippeee!). the only great thing about being here is that all my favorite authors never fail to stop by los angeles.
aside from being a bookseller, i hand-bind books... which is what i truly love to do. i write often also, but entirely manic-depressively (i'll write for weeks and then not at all for months). i'm working on improving that condition. so far unsuccessfully.
my other author favorites: francesca lia block, toni morrison, t.s. elliot, neil gaiman, dave eggers. and i collect lewis carroll like no one's business. i also probably need regular tetnus shots to control my rabid tori amos obsession. but there's only so much you can do, right?
i'm looking forward to the forums and all of you here.
cheers, e.