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<insert>'s music/album exemplifies my personality at the age of <insert>. <insert> decade.

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1991, age nine. When I first took the slightest interest in music, and when I first proclaimed a favorite band:

1992, age ten. A new kind of music graced my ears. This was my first taste of metal, and I loved it. Aerosmith was swiftly set on the back burner:

1995, age thirteen. An older new kind of music really changed my life, and gave me a true love for guitar and harmony. It was a year later that I would receive a guitar for Christmas and take to (attempts at) shredding:

1996, age fourteen. I want more and more metal. I want all of the metal in the world:

1997, age fifteen. I want harder metal. I want death metal.

The rest of the nineties remained a search for all the metal.