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Rules To Live By

I'm looking for Rules (or maybe list) that you try to live by. Some can be harsh. Or funny. Or just general rules. These are going to be for ideas on what a characters father is teaching him.

They should be rules that can range from birth to death. Like I have written a chapter where the father teaches his son not to trust anybody. The boy is maybe six at the time. But there is the rule "Don't Shit Where You Work" which he teaches at a much older age (obviously lol).

Here are a few that I've come up with.

1. Don’t Lie
2. Don’t Trust Anybody
3. Don’t Expect Happy Endings
4. Don’t Shit Where You Eat?
5. Never Make A Threat You Don’t Intend To Carry Out
6. Shit Can Be Replace – Material Possession Are Nothing
7. Every Day Is A New Beginning
8. Know Which Battle To Fight and What To Avoid

Any others?