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Rotting flesh makes me hungry

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Who here likes the sights and smells of death? Does anyone get hungry when they see [I][insert organ here][/I] splattered all over the wall or floor? All I know, is that when I see or hear about people dying, I get aroused. It makes me want to bathe in their rotting flesh and bloody entrails.

Here is my proposal:
Why stop at Iraq? My thirst for blood will not be quenched by the people that are going to die in this scuffle. It is like an addiction. I am addicted to death. I want the soldiers over there to take pictures of every corpse they come across (civilians, americans, Iraqis, etc..) and maybe we can at least start a trading card collection. We could even collect all the bodies and bring them back home and throw them into one huge pile as a monument to death. I would make many pilgrimages to this rotting pile of flesh because of the thrill I get from it. Now to my proposal. Why don't we make a monthly holiday out of murdering people. It could be the second tuesday of every month. We could pick random places to drop some bombs on or mow people down with machine guns. It will be fun. We could even kill Americans. I say we do Florida next month. Those old motherfuckers are about to die anyway. This Iraq conflict sure the hell won't satiate me and my hunger for death. So who's with me?